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nerd etilici: raffreddamento a birra per pc e protocollo di trasmissione birra

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grazie popo, ma per la birra ci sono usi migliori

grafico performance

Conclusions: with the current state of the computer industry, unfortunately, beer cannot be used as the ultimate cooling solution due to the very rapid rate of the coolant depletion.However, we are optimistic that if the brewing industry could finally agree on the Beer-over-IP standard (for instance RFC5150) this cooling solution would be more realistic.

raffreddamento a birra

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RFC 5150

A Standard for the Transmission of high quality Alcoholic Beverages to areas with sub-standard Alcohol production

Frame Format

As the MTU for Beer through most international customs centers is quite low, a high degree of fragmentation is used. Once the Beer has been purchased in its native country, normally in packet sizes of 6, 12 or occasionally the Giant packet of 24 (also known as a Slab Packet), it is fragmented up into individual datagrams (or cans).

The datagrams (or cans) then have an appropriate header attached to them. It is normal to use printed sticky labels for this purpose.

The header format is as follows.

|Name of Recipient (4bytes) . . |
|street number(2)| street (2) . |
|Suburb . (4) . . . . . . . . . |
|City . . (4) . . . . . . . . . |
|Country Code (2)|PostCode (2). |

Appropriatly encapsulated cans can now be handed to a lower OSI layer for delivery. Generally the POSTBOX or COURIER layer 2 networks are used. But SMUGGLING has been rumoured to have a larger MTU size, but is prone to data loss due to strict error checking by the network.

Upon receipt, the header is removed, the can is unencapsulated and the Beer is passed to the higher MOUTH layer.

Security Considerations

Security is a consideration with transporting Beer to areas that have strict Beer transmission policies. Data encryption techniques should be employed in these circumstances. A certain ammount of success has been reported with BeerSec encryption. BeerSec encryption requires the application of an additional header onto the Beer datagram. Example headers are shown below.

"This is not a beer!"
"Roll-on Deoderant"
"Look over there - Elvis!"